i feel like...
everybody that i know..or friend with..
is my mad'u..
doesn't mean that i'm good enough to be a murabbi for everyone beside me especially..
but when i keep thinking..
and i realized that being a daie is actually you served yourself to deen and being a good representative to everyone..
not just to your mad'u of usrah..
even though to the people older than you..
and not your mutarabbi..
and even if he or she is also a daie like you!
b'coz each and everyone of daie may have different level of understanding towards ad deen..
so we have to be together or if i can say..united to make a kamehameha outcome in order to bring back this deen towards its place..
but sometimes i have to admit that although he or she is also a daie..
may be the way the person think is totally different from us..
or he or she may view something at the different angle.. 
and we of course cannot change people's stand..
all we have to do is keep continue putting our effort to be a qudwah hasanah for him or her..
but i'm confused..
if things we are doing is actually to strengthen the bonding with that person..
he or she seem doesn't like it.......
what should we do????
pretend that we don't understand?
or keep doing until one day the person ask us why?
or explain to him or her what is our purpose doing that?
or may be we'r the one who's actually didn't build the bond?????
it is very complicated..
but as for daie..
these is what we'll going to face throughout our lives..
as what our prophet said..
"Islam began as something strange, and it shall return to being something strange, so give glad tidings to the strangers."
(hadith of Muslim)

it is proven!

to all muhariks outside there!
let us be the strangers!
pray as one day Islam will lead the world..
and i believe in that!

and to my support system..
i really miss u guys..
still remember when we done laundry..clean the house together..sleep by sharing pillow..cooked together even though i didn't cook act..hihi..bbq..having daurah together..curhat with each other...
i really really really miss that moment..
and i ever wonder if we can be like that again..
because we are staying at different land..
ya..everyone of us is doing our job at different places..
we are conquering the world!
and india..
even distance tear us apart..
but our bonding will become more and more strong..
and we'll always be in this path..
because we promised to be jannah soon..insyaallah..

this song is for you all,sis...


6 Oktober 2011, 1:00ptg, BM

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