The Alchemist


in the name of Allah the most gracious.

I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.The first english novel that i read after finishing my high school.
Not much to comment coz the author bring me back to ‘old time’ where people used to travel by ship to cross the sea, being the shepherd that bring your flocks across the grass fields and traveled to some other places to make living.and of course gain experiences and new knowledge.I can imagine all those experiences and journey inside my mind as the third person.Lots of feeling though, as the author touched each and every aspects of many things that sometimes took me ages to figure out what is he actually want to tell us.
The Alchemist is a story about one that follows his dream.He gained more and more as he traveled and met many people that had teach him many things,directly and indirectly.Lots of difficulties and obstacles that he has gone through to catch his dream but at the end as he insisted to find his treasure, he finally found it.

I wanna share a little bit of my reflection while reading this beautiful writing.

One should pursue his dream and along the way there will be helps certainly from the god almighty through people and things surrounding,

“When a person really desires of something,all the universe conspires to
help that person to realize his dream.”

One of the quotes that i like so much from the book.
Same applied if we want to fulfill our dream which is to become ‘abid and khalifah.
Along the way there will be storm and thunders that will make us decide not to continue our journey.It’s hard to be good,to do good but at the end all the hardship will be rewarded and we will not feel hard at all.Contrary, it is easy to do all the bad things but in the end the consequences will not be easy to be faced.and we will regret it.

It says in the book that ‘all the universe conspires to help’.It reminds me of the creatures surrounds us.The wind,sand,cloud,water,rain,frogs,dogs,trees and many other things.They walk in the path of Allah.Talk in the words that continuously praise Him.not even millisecond they forget to worshiping Him.All these creatures if we walk along with them in the same path definitely they will be happy to help us,but as we gone astray the world will not like it and will start to detach themselves from us.The universe is god-given companion for us.That's why when we see merge ourselves close to nature we will have the calmness that will bring us out from our complicated lives, because they bring us closer to our creator,the Almighty Allah.

Just remember, how hard we feel right now in our journey to be good servants to Him,Allah will send His army to help us out.Just put your trust in Him and walk straight.Straight to Him.Insyaallah.


**nak merepek jugak dalam bahasa inggeris.

9:20pm, 20 June 2015, BM