Kipidap Dongibap!


dengan nama Allah maha mengetahui yang nyata dan yang ghaib.

I saw one of my friend’s post in seems like she’s having difficulty with her work.i’m not sure what exactly the problem but sounds like she lost her motivation to keep continue in this field of’s not the physical that tired but the mind and emotion.i’m really sure of it.and i know all my friends,seniors and juniors who have been working in medical field feel the same like her.
As for me, i know this will soon come to me.i’m going to experience it one day.the situation where i will lost all my courage to do the work.lost my ikhlas and ihsan while working.want to get away from people and work.physically and mentally exhausted.emotionally doubt that i will feel that way too later in my life.whether i will survive or not, i hope and pray that whatever comes ahead will be the best for me.

Allah said, in one of the verse written in the quran;

“Allah does not charge a soul except (with that within) its capacity..”
[Al-Baqarah 2:286]

Allah Al-‘Alim (The All-Knowing), surely His knowledge encompasses everything in existence even before anything begins to exist.Nothing at all escapes His knowledge.But easier said than really have faith full heartedly when being tested is not that easy.Alone, i’m not sure but together somehow it’s gonna help.maybe not much but enough to stay ‘alive’.

I remember those time when doing internship in my college hospital abroad. I ranted almost everything to my colleagues regarding my works, postgraduates doctors, groupmates, nurses in wards,patients and even about the hospital attendants.haha.not exactly ratting on them because most of them are good to me, but somehow by doing that people will know our problem and will try to comfort and console us.That is one of the way to distress me that time.But knowing the workloads in our malaysian hospital i know that to be able to run away just to pray is actually good ratting on someone, to share the experience via blog and all are out of  will have time if you smart enough to manage your time and schedule.

I always pray that whichever hospital i will choose later for my housemanship program, may Allah grant me my support system.i am independant but i know i have to turn to someone i don’t really depend on my family(the effect of being away from family most of the time especially during crucial time) and i don’t have spouse to hear me ranting(hahahaha.ok abaikan) i turned to my friends for everything and everything.and i mean will understand if you are in my shoe.

I really hope she and all my friends who  are in the not-so-good condition will overcome their problems and being able to perform efficiently and ‘seikhlas mungkin’ in order to serve our nation and of course for the sake of  guys are doing great!things are going to be tougher but kipidap dongibap!find yourself and you’ll find the purpose of whatever you are doing right now.and never lose hope and never lose faith in Him.He burden us with difficulty and He also will lifts them from guys can do it!


11:17am, 7 September 2017, Tanah Air.

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